Recreational Projects Program

The Recreational Projects Program provides funding assistance to projects that sustain and contribute to the growth of the arts, sport and recreation within Yukon for the benefit and enjoyment of Yukon people in the following areas:

  • amateur level sports, physical fitness activities and recreation; and
  • performing, visual and literary arts.

The program strives to improve the quality of life for all Yukon people through participation or availability of art, sport and recreation in their communities. The Recreational Projects Program is application driven with two intakes; April 15 and October 15. Applications for major projects are only accepted at the October 15th intake and applicants are only eligible to receive major project funding every two years.

  **This program is currently under review, please contact Lotteries Yukon prior to submitting an application. **

Recognition Requirements and Standards

Lotteries Yukon funds the arts, sport and recreation through their three funding programs (Recreational Projects Program, Travel Assistance Program and Community Lottery Program) and by sharing lottery profits with Yukon Government Sport and Recreation Branch and Cultural Services Branch.  Recipients of funding supported by lottery ticket revenues are required to publicly acknowledge the funding support provided by Lotteries Yukon.  Further information on these requirements is provided in:

If you have questions about the Recreational Projects Program please contact the Program Administrator at (867) 633-7892 or in the communities through our toll free number 1-800-661-0555, extension 7892.

Recreational Projects Program Recipients:

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Lotteries Yukon

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