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Minister Hon. Brad Cathers

Yukon Lottery Commission

The Yukon Lottery Commission is an agent of the Government of Yukon created and mandated under the Public Lotteries Act and Regulations. Government of Yukon appoints members, drawn from a variety of backgrounds, to the Commission for two year terms. Oversight for public lotteries in Yukon is provided by both the Commission and the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. A key responsibility of the Commission is the allocation of profits from the sale of lottery tickets for art, sport, and recreation projects and activities throughout the Yukon.

Lotteries Yukon

The administrative functions for the Yukon Lottery Commission are carried out by Lotteries Yukon. Lotteries Yukon provides support and services to:  lottery retailers, lottery customers, non-profit organizations seeking program funding, members of the public, and to the Yukon Lottery Commission. The lottery retail portion of this work is supported through an agreement with Western Canada Lottery Corporation.



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